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Our Story

Square Pictures Media Productions is an Emmy award winning full service digital media production company with studios based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We are experienced and have a long history of quality and integrity. Our productions span over 70 countries during the past two decades. Our assignment list is long and diverse with clients ranging from the national networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, National Geographic, History Channel, Travel Channel and Discovery to Corporate, Commercial, Educational, Non-profits and Charities.

We’ve worked with many branches of the Government and Military on shows such as “Tactical to Practical”and “Man Moment Machine” on the History Channel; “National Geographic Today” and “Super Carrier” on the National Geographic Channel. We’ve also been the production team for the past 12 years on the national PBS series “America’s Heartland”.

Our teams are experienced professionals and our equipment is state of the art. We’re skilled in the art of storytelling and our focus is to tell our client’s story wrapped in compelling visuals and high quality sound. Your story is our story because we live what we do. We work closely with every client to craft their stories, from concept to completion, pre-production, field production and post production. We’re passionate about what we do and would love to tell your story.



Our Work


The Studio


Studio Amenities

  1600 square foot sound stage
  41ft x 21ft hard cyc wall

  Movable black curtains & carpeting
  AC powered grid w/ Kino Flo lighting

  10ft x 12ft drive-in access
  Lighted makeup station

  LTN Broadcast ready control room
  Grip/electric package included


Facility Amenities

  Located in North Scottsdale
  Close to restaurants and hotels

  Experienced professional staff
  Wifi and hard line available

  Reception Area
  Conference/screening room

  Edit suites



Easyrig Support and Rentals

Working directly with Johan Hellsten the inventor for over a decade we are at the center of Easyrig development and information.

We were test pilots for the development of the Vario 5 and have the latest models, additions and parts for all Easyrig models.

Square Pictures is the trusted source for accurate information regarding Easyrig systems, repairs and rentals. Call or email for a quote.


government contracting


DUNS: 926877031

“Your story is our story”

Square Pictures Inc. is a nationally recognized full service media production company with a studio facility located in Scottsdale, Arizona. We offer Emmy award winning story telling through media production. Specializing in broadcast, corporate, documentary, commercial, event, training, instructional and web productions, our assignments have taken us to more than 70 countries over the past 25 years.


  • Proven history working with military agencies to collaborate on productions such as,
    • “Super Carrier” – National Geographic
    • “Tactical to Practical” – History Channel
    • “Man, Moment, Machine” – History Channel
  • International Production Experience
  • Award winning production team
    • Nominate for a National Emmy 2005
    • Regional Emmy winner 2014
    • Regional Emmy Winner 2015
  • Years of experience designing, creating and delivering custom media for clients
  • Extensive video library including rare aerial footage of Washington D.C. White House, U.S. Capitol, Pentagon, and various National Monuments


  • Project design / creative
  • Aerial production
  • Graphics
  • Pre-production
  • Post production
  • Animation
  • Field / Studio production
  • Media management
  • Mastering / Delivery

Square Pictures offers multiple state of the art 4K camera systems, audio, lighting and support systems. We have licensed drone pilots that use the latest aerial video systems. Our post production suits are state of the art using the most current editing software for video finishing.


National Geographic | CBS | FOX | ABC | NBC | CNN | PBS | ESPN | Discovery | Channel Travel Channel | U.S. Army | U.S. Navy | U.S. Air-force | U.S. Marines | U.S. Coast Guard | Adobe | Oracle | George Lucas Foundation | Gates Foundation | Teaching Channel | History Channel | Cox Cable | Barrett Jackson Auto Auctions | Wells Fargo Bank | EMC

NAICS CODES: 512110, 541810




14201 N Hayden Rd Ste C2
Scottsdale, AZ 85260